Thursday, June 30, 2011

Welcome to Our Blog, Everyone!

This blog was created for family and friends back in America. We know we are a long way from everyone, so we want to keep you all up to date about what is going on with us. This blog will have pictures so that you can see how big we are getting, videos so you can see how much we are learning, and stories of funny things that happen to us- or, should we say, because of us. :)

Right now, we are still in Bangkok, Thailand, waiting for the arrival of baby Emily. Mommy and Daddy take us to lunch every day to eat "koitheau", and delicious rice noodle soup. Our favorite part of koitheau is the meatballs.

Once a week, Mommy and Daddy take us to a place called "Yo Yo Land." It is great, because most of the time we are stuck in our one-room apartment. At the apartment, Mommy and Daddy forbid us to climb on the sofa and jump on the bed; but at Yo Yo Land, we can run wide open with no restraints! Actually, we wish Mommy and Daddy would just move to Yo Yo Land. Life would be so grand!

We will keep everyone posted about what is happening with us here in Bangkok. We love all of you!

-Elisabeth and Judson